Welcome to Dr. Mosquito!

I am a professor of medical entomology and vector ecology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (formerly the University of Texas Pan American).  Prior to working here, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, part of the the University of Florida system.  I received  my Ph.D. from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

The research in my lab focuses in diseases vectors, for human, animal, and to a lesser degree, plant diseases.  We focus on taking an ecological approach to understanding the vectors and the epidemiology of the diseases.  Combining both field and laboratory work, we hope to understand more about vectors and the diseases they transmit, with an eye towards controlling the diseases.

I strive for excellence in teaching as well, which I view integral to my role as a faculty member.  I enjoy teaching a range of subject to both graduate and undergraduate students, and hope the students have enjoyed my classes as well as having learned something.  My goal is for student to learn and enjoy, and if they find a subject interesting, possible continue to pursue that field.

I invite strong students, both graduate and undergraduate, to participate in research in my laboratory.  While I give students flexibility to choose research projects that interest them, I expect them to be self-motivated and driven.  My role as a mentor is to support and guide their progress which hopefully will lead to their success.  Student success has been measured in many ways, including student authorship, presentations and national and international conferences (and winning awards at those conferences), getting in medical or graduate school, and finding jobs or careers they enjoys post-graduation.

Last updated Jan 2024